Letter to a Camper

If Washtenaw Camp Placement is sending you to camp, you will sleep there for one or two weeks. You will have a ball at camp! You will:

  • live in a tent or cabin8Dr5qU7RUZ7lUKtmR492MvwmNFNwtyR0uMgQwT3ATdo
  • make new friends
  • play games
  • go swimming
  • enjoy boating
  • learn new skills such as archery
  • have some time to relax
  • sing around a campfire
  • have young counselors who are friendly and fun


Here’s what some kids said about going to camp last year:

  • It was lots of fun.
  • I want to go back.
  • I had a great time there.
  • I hope to see you guys again.
  • I definitely want to go back and enjoy outdoor activities.
  • Camp is my second home, I love it.
  • We did lots of fun things at camp.
  • It’s fun and outside.
  • It’s a great experience.
  • It was awesome.
  • I love camp!!!! I will go every year!!!!!

To see what camps are like, go to the Partner Camps page and click on any of the links.