How to Apply for a Campership

Applications for camperships are available on this site. An application consists of two forms:

  • Form A – Filled out by the Parent / Guardian
  • Form B – Filled out by the Referral Source (a professional such as a teacher, counselor or social worker who is acquainted with the child)

An application is not complete until both forms are received by WCPA


The deadline for applications in 2018 is Wednesday, January 31. Applications may be submitted after that date, but the applicant will be placed on the wait list.

Upon being notified of a camp placement, the Parent / Guardian is then required to:

  1. Meet with the Referral Source as soon as possible to accept the camp placement, confirm dates and arrangements, and complete forms required by the camp.
  2. Submit all required forms, including immunization records, to WCPA no later than Friday, March 30.

If these requirements are not met, the campership offer may be withdrawn.

Questions? E-mail or call 734.971.4537