How Camp Benefits your Child

1r1hmd3ZwyRyOSIW0n-ttLGDvlDXBIss3DyBhMxGlWsThrough youthful eyes, the main reason to go to camp is to have a wonderful time! After all, there are lots of activities that are fun, new friends, good meals and snacks, and a stress-free time in the natural world.

From an older and wiser point of view, you can appreciate that the enhanced confidence, social skills and sense of independence learned at camp will be an asset to your child as he or she returns to school and community. Traits learned at camp help reduce future risky behaviors.

Specifically, data indicates that our campers show growth or improvement in more than half of the following outcomes, as rated by camp counselors and directors:

  • Increased self-esteem and positive self image
  • Independence, self-reliance and confidence
  • Decision-making
  • Sense of belonging with peers and adults
  • Living and working with others from different backgrounds
  • Testing own abilities and limits
  • Participating cooperatively
  • Sense of structure and purpose for a day
  • Safety consciousness
  • Leadership and group skills
  • Taking care of self and belongings
  • Appreciation for the natural world

All this occurs under the watchful eyes of well-trained personnel, including certified health professionals available around the clock. All partner camps are accredited by the American Camp Association and approved by the State of Michigan.

Please consider submitting an application for a campership if your son or daughter resides in or goes to school in Washtenaw County, and will be in Grades 5 and above next year.


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